Visit Belvoir Winery


The city’s historic events center is available for all your special events, from weddings to conferences or family reunions. Ongoing public events are also popular, like the murder mystery dinners where you get a full dinner, two drinks and one bloody good show! Tickets are $52, and the bar is open throughout the event. Parties of four or more can opt for a full wine tasting before the show.

Like many historic sites, Belvoir is also famous for some spooky happenings. A paranormal investigations public event is available for a five-hour, nighttime exploration of what’s really happened at the Odd Fellows Home complex. You’ll be kitted out in paranormal gear to help you pinpoint any unusual activity.

The Magic of Belvoir

The Odd Fellows Home is a perfect reminder of what architecture at the Missouri Odd Fellows complex has looked like throughout the years. You’ll see Jacobethan Revival structures throughout the three remaining buildings including the Administration Building, Old Folks Building and Old Hospital.

As one of the oldest fraternal organizations in the country, the original intention of the Odd Fellows Order was to provide aid, comfort and assistance to members. The secret society has a rich and hidden history, but today the buildings are protected and available for enjoyment by the public.