Vegetarian Restaurants in KCMO

The city that’s famous for barbeque has a little secret—it also does vegetarian and vegan food right. Really, really right. Eden Alley Vegetariá offers both vegan and vegetarian menus in a low-key environment. At FüD, you’ll find great service and all the organic vegetarian delights you can manage. Seva Cuisine of India is the perfect lunch spot with a sprawling veg-friendly buffet.


Cafe Gratitude Kansas City is all vegan and features only locally sourced ingredients. Their seasonal priorities mean that the menu is always changing. The Mixx isn’t all vegetarian, but it’s a famous salad bar palace where vegetarians and vegans alike can put together their own masterpiece in a bowl.

Vegging Out

Blue Nile Cafe is a well-known Ethiopian eatery where plenty of veg-friendly items can be found. Try Blue Bird Bistro for truly local fare, with all farm to table and Americana comfort foods. However, if you’re really craving that KCMO BBQ, look around—you’ll be surprised at how many BBQ joints offer vegetarian options!

From BBQ-slathered veggie kabobs to even tempeh and tofu “cuts,” Kansas City is keen on wooing vegetarian locals and travelers alike. Who knew you could get a taste of the spicy stuff while sticking to your kind of diet?