Top 5 Picnic Spots in Kansas City

When the weather is nice, sometimes there is nothing better that a comfortable, delicious picnic outside, with the sun warming your face and the gentle breeze caressing your back. Of course, while in Kansas City, you need to know exactly where to go, as you don’t want to just plop down on any green area and set up camp. Thankfully, there are several top picnic areas, providing both fine Kansas City entertainment, in the form of rolling landscapes, parks and leisure activities. With the different locations available to you, there are ample opportunities to have a memorable picnic with your family and those you care about most.

Loose Park
Loose Park is a 75-acre park and by far is one of the most popular in all of Kansas City. Of course, this does tend to make it a bit more on the crowded side, so you might want to check it out during the week or on off hours, as it becomes rather crowded during the weekend. There is plenty of space for you to enjoy a picnic here, regardless of the day, you just won’t be as secluded. Of course, if you don’t mind eating and enjoying the company of others in the area, this does turn into one of the best Kansas City Entertainment hot spots, as there is plenty of space to play pick up games after eating, going for a bike ride, or just walking along the paved trails set out in front of you.

English Landing Park
This is another larger park, as it is made up of 68-acres, including a three mile walking trail, playground area, boat ramps, disc golf course and picnic shelters. So if you want to enjoy your meal on a picnic table, or if you would rather set up shop on the grass, you have the option. This isn’t as busy as Loose Park, so there is more open area for you to enjoy, plus, with the playground and disc golf section, there is always room for some solid Kansas City entertainment after finishing up.

Shawnee Mission Park
If you want true Kansas City entertainment, this is the perfect park for a picnic. This is one of the largest parks in the city, as it is over 1,200 acres. It has been in the city since 1956, and circles around a lake, perfect for boating and fishing. This allows you to enjoy a picnic either on land, or on water, whatever you choose. There is space for swimming, and the bathhouse allows you ample space to change, should you not arrive in your swimming suit. There is also a large amount of history in the park, as Civil War makers, scattered throughout the park, detail events of the war, provide information about different soldiers, and provide insights towards some occurrences you may not have learned about prior in history class. This makes the park not only entertaining, but insightful.

Antioch Park
This is a smaller park with a small hotel and store to look like it is in the wild west. This is great when looking to have a BBQ or picnic. So stop by and enjoy a relaxing day by the playground and lake. There is a small Vietnam memorial here for you to show respect for the men and women who fought for the country.

Penguin Park
When picnicking with your children, this might just be the best place to go. There are large, penguin inspired slides, walking trails spiral throughout the grounds, and the variety of shelter houses allow you to grill up your food under shade.