Tips for Traveling With Pets

When your pet is truly a part of the family and you don’t want to leave it at home while you travel, go ahead and take it with you. Just as you prepare yourselves and your family for traveling, you need to prepare to take your pet along. Once you decide how you’re going to travel you can find out exactly what you’ll need to make the trip a comfortable experience for your pet.

Whether traveling by air or car, see the following tips for traveling with pets:

Air Travel

There are certain regulations you must abide by when you plan on traveling with pets in the air. Check into specific airline rules regarding pet containers during the flight, in the airport and clearing airport security with your pet. Your pet may fly with you in the cabin or in the cargo area, depending on the size of the animal. If your pet is small enough to fly with you, be prepared at security checkpoints. Just as you must go through airport security detectors, your pet must pass through them as well. Present your pet to security personnel before you attempt to take them through the detector to prohibit any potential problems. If your pet will travel in a crate in the cargo area of the plane, discuss the best ways to lessen any anxiety on your pet with your veterinarian. Bring a leash with you so you can walk your pet prior to checking in and during long layovers.

Car Travel

Whether you’re planning on a short day trip or a drive across the country, traveling with pets in cars takes simple preparation. Depending on the size of your pet and the size of your vehicle, you may be able to fit a carrier or crate in the vehicle. Bring enough food and water with you in your vehicle to last the trip. Rest areas located along the country’s highways offer specific pet areas where you can walk, relieve and exercise your pet. Build in extra time for your trip to include the numerous pit stops you may have to make for your pet.

Pet-Friendly Hotels

As traveling with pets has become more common, hotel chains across the country, specifically Best Western, offer pet-friendly accommodations. When you plan your trip, research the hotels along your route to ensure you will encounter pet-friendly hotels. Call the hotels in advance to verify pet policies.

Traveling with pets may seem daunting at first, but once you’re prepared, you will see it’s a piece of cake. Have all your information regarding airline rules, pet-friendly hotels and stopping points to ensure your trip is a smooth ride for you and your pet.