The Edge of Hell


KCMO has a host of haunted houses in October, but only The Edge of Hell boasts the biggest man-eating python in existence at 25 staggering feet. It’s the oldest, biggest, most terrifying haunted house in KCMO established in 1975. Over the years, it’s turned into the inspiration for horrific entertainment and haunts around the country. Located in a five-story warehouses, guests walk a quarter-mile through sensory overload—and deprivation.

After 30 minutes in the upper level, the ghostly walk comes to an abrupt halt as you slip from heaven all the way down the spiral slide into the bedroom of the beasts. Now the excitement really begins. The house is always re-making the five levels with new frights, scenes and cast members. There are 45 actors at any given moment and non-stop state of the art technology.

Fright Nights

Although children are technically welcome when accompanied by adults, the hosts warn that the experience is almost always way too much for anyone under 10 years old. “It’s also too scary for claustrophobic aunts, big crybabies or people afraid of snakes,” says the hosts. From the Macabre Cinema to the Chambers of Edgar Alan Poe, do you have what it takes to make it out the other side?

Come meet Medusa, sign up for a ghost tour, get your tickets in advance and see what additional experiences The Gates of Hell offer.