The Drive-In You Have to Check Out

Did you know the Kansas City area is home to a number of old fashioned drive-in theaters? Some show the latest releases, others focus on the classics, and all are a family-friendly experience that everyone needs to check out. The Boulevard Drive-In Theatre is a classic, showing double features on a regular basis and boasting one of the best cinema snack bars in town.

The B&B Theatres I-70 Drive-In is the polar opposite, playing only the latest films in a multi-screen environment, including the most recent 3-D releases. The addictive popcorn and exciting arcade center make it a favorite among locals. Teresa’s Drive-In is another option, offering a mom-and-pop quality along with an intimate environment.

Drive On In!

Paul’s Drive-In is known for traditional burgers alongside a mix of movies. Scattered around the metro area, there’s a drive-in not far from the Best Western Seville Plaza, and it’s a fantastic, unique way to relax during your next vacation or business trip. Open year-round, and featuring holiday movies during the autumn and winter, there’s no better way to unwind.

If you’re renting a car while traveling, make the most of your temporary ride and take it on a real adventure—right into a Kansas City favorite pastime.