The Best Fried Chicken In K.C.

K.F.C. may be a favorite while you’re on the road, but in Kansas City, there’s plenty of delicious fried chicken!

The Best Fried Chicken In K.C.


The honey and dill brine they used at Rye adds a complex flavor to the chicken, balanced between sweet and salty.  While they serve legs and wings, the best option is their chicken sandwich, topped with a mustard-mayo sauce and pickle slices.  Pair it with their ham-topped cottage fries.

Brady’s Public House

If you haven’t had fried chicken that’s been brined in a maple-based marinade, you have been missing out.  The sweetness of the maple balances the salt and spice in the breading for a nuanced meal, accented by creamy mashed potatoes and a spiced lemon butter.  Pair it with one of their refreshing beer options.

Black Dirt

Black Dirt offers a crispy, well-spiced bird, served alongside mashed potatoes.  Their real edge, however, comes from the sage gravy topping the meal – it brings new notes of flavor to the dish, elevating it from a simple, no-work, easy dinner to a feast.

Gram & Dun

Chicken and waffles is a Southern classic for a reason, and Gram & Dun’s take on the dish will prove why.  The fluffiness of the waffle balances the crispy chicken, and their maple-hot sauce unites the two components in a unique but delicious way.  Get it at their brunch event with a side of their bourbon maple bacon.

Fried chicken, done right, is one of the best comfort foods around – dig into one of the best plates of chicken in Kansas City!