Teen Friendly Activities

teen friendly activitiesOn a summer vacation or weekend getaway with your teen and not so sure how to entertain their every picky desires? No problem! We have a number of teen friendly activities that is sure to be a hit.

The College Basketball Experience is the perfect way to have a little fun and burn off some energy. Enjoy walking through the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame followed by a chance to get on the court and try out your shooting skills. With hoop-shooting activity stations, your kids can work on their dunking and 3-point shots. For those more interested in being the next Lou Holtz, try your hand at the EESPNU Desk and work on your sports reporting skills.

Screenland is a theater with throwback arcades that you and I all know and love. These $0.25 arcade games will keep your kids busy while you and your spouse kick back and enjoy a cocktail. Screenland features not only vintage arcade games but a restaurant to enjoy a bite to eat while waiting for your show to begin.

Last but not least is the National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial. Yes, it is a museum but one like you’ve never seen before. The history comes to life with exhibitions that are interesting for the whole family. download the iPad app War Horse that gives you a peek inside the collection inside the museum.

Teen friendly activities always include food so stop by any one of KC’s fantastic restaurants and stay in good graces with your teens.