Return To The Renaissance! Festival, That Is

Pretend it’s the 1600’s again and enjoy life in an old Renaissance village!

Return To The Renaissance!

The Kansas City Renaissance Festival is running every weekend now until October 14th, and you should attend!  Meet King Henry VIII and his court, and engage in traditional Renaissance activities.  It’s fun and educational for the family and a great way to occupy a day.


The Renaissance Festival mixes traditional food with modern dishes, so enjoy a giant, rustic turkey leg or some Scotch eggs, as well as pretzel dogs and funnel cake fries.  With a little planning, you can also participate in fun food-centered events, like tea with the queen, ale with the king, or a chocolate and mead tasting.  Kids in particular may enjoy snacks with the fairies!


There is plenty of shopping to be done at the festival.  Buy scarves and other accessories from the Cat’s Paw, pottery from Castles and Critters, and traditional Renaissance-style clothes from Ophelia’s.  You can even pick up swords at the Black Dragon Armory.  Some of the artisans will allow you to watch them work, providing a great opportunity to learn how a sword is forged or how layered candles are carved.


There are shows for everyone.  See mermaids in the grotto, bards at the pub, and aerial acrobats tangled in their silks.  You can lay your pets on the corgi races or try your hand at archery and axe throwing.  Adults should make sure they don’t miss the Bawdily Harm show – it’s hilarious.  And of course, at the end of the day is the joust, where you can cheer on your favorite knight as he fights to dehorse his opponent.

In addition to all of the standard entertainment, you should check the website for their theme weekends.  For instance, this weekend is the Celtic Games, where you can watch traditional Scottish games, hear bagpipes, and don your family plaid!

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Don’t miss Kansas City’s Renaissance Festival while you’re in town – it’s fun for everyone!