Quirky Must Stops in KC

Missouri’s largest city has much to offer in terms of family fun, entertainment, dining and nightlife. But if you’re looking for, well, odd Kansas City things to do, you’re in luck as there are some pretty quirky must stops in Kansas City. Check out the following for a list of places to go that are definitely off the beaten path.

1950’s All Electric House

The Johnson County Museum is home to a variety of historical objects and this to see for kids and adults alike. Perhaps one of the most quirky things here is the 1950’s All Electric House. You’ll get to see all about the technology of the time and if you didn’t live through it, the concept of the all-electric house is quirky indeed. Check out the website for exhibit times and ticket prices.

Toy & Miniature Museum

Toys may not seem too quirky to some, but this museum is a bit different than most. Here you’ll find 38 rooms filled with the largest collections of nostalgic toys, miniatures and marbles in the area. Check out the website for hours and ticket prices.

Leila’s Hair Museum

The name of this museum says exactly what you’ll find there. This museum boasts thousands of wreaths and jewelry made from, you guessed it, human hair. Check out the website for details and hours.

Patee House Museum

If you’re into learning about the Wild West and how that time period influenced the area, check out the Patee House Museum. You’ll learn all about the Pony Express, travel during the 1800s and to top it off, it’s only a block from the infamous Jesse James’ home, where he was shot and killed.

Glore Psychiatric Museum

Located in the St. Joseph Museum, the Glore Psychiatric Museum presents the history of the State Lunatic Asylum #2 and exhibits the history of the treatment of mental health issues.

Puppetry Arts Institutes

Founded in 2000, this institute wants to promote and preserve puppetry through education. You’ll see extraordinary artisanship in the marionette puppets. Check out the website for shows and museum hours as you put this place on your list of Kansas City things to do.

When you’re planning your weekend and need a list of Kansas City things to do that aren’t your normal humdrum things, check out this list of quirky places to visit. These places offer a different insight to the history of the area that you’re sure to enjoy.