Discover the Power and Light District in Kansas City

Kansas City is one of the most vibrant and exciting places in America, with a reputation that has earned such flattering nicknames as “Heart of America” and “Paris of the Plains.” As the largest city in the state, and located in the very center of the United States, this city brings together culture, art, cuisine and entertainment from all across the country into one effervescent melting pot.

Visiting Kansas City means having an opportunity to sample some of the best cuisine and music available in the region. If you’re like most visitors, you want to immerse yourself in the city’s finest entertainment, shopping and dining establishments as soon as you arrive, and there is no better way to do so than by paying a visit to the popular Kansas City Power & Light District.

Conveniently located just East of Baltimore Avenue and West of Grand Boulevard, this Kansas City entertainment district has a little something for everyone – but especially those interested in experiencing the city’s nightlife. By day, tourists and locals alike enjoy easy access to multiple large stores, tiny boutiques, cafes and restaurants as well as the United State’s first all-digital movie theater and a seasonal rooftop park. At nights, the nine block area transforms into one massive party with multiple bars, pubs and nightclubs designed to satisfy clientele of all ages.

In the center of the District, you will find Kansas City Live! This block is home to multiple entertainment and music venues. In the middle of this area is a large covered plaza with a large stage and ample seating. Here, visitors can enjoy live outdoor concerts and, thanks to the state of the art Structurflex roofing, never have to worry about being rained out. Kansas City Live! has hosted several local and nationally renowned musical acts. However, even without the live music, patrons can enjoy a nice cold beverage and plenty of good company.

The only downside to the Kansas City Power & Light District is that, eventually, you’ll have to leave. Luckily, thanks to year round entertainment, numerous affordable attractions and its close proximity to the Best Wester Seville Plaza Hotel, it’s easy to find another reason to come back.