Pizza Hot Spots

Kansas City might be famous for barbeque, but did you know it’s a fantastic city for pizza too? See for yourself at Waldo Pizza, known for coming up with all kinds of crusts, from artisanal to eclectic. Minsky’s Pizza is a local, upscale pizza chain open until 10pm and serves up a variety of side dishes like pasta, salads and desserts. At d’Bronx you can get a taste of New York pie, Manhattan-style sandwiches and more.

Try Spin! Neapolitan Pizza at the South Plaza for Mediterranean tapas served alongside some of the best slices in town. Pizza 51 does thin crust right, has a great beer menu, and is known as one of the trendier joints in town. Sarpino’s always delivers (literally) right to your Best Western guest room if you prefer to do your pizza tasting in total comfort.


Dig In!

The Art of Pizza will never steer you wrong. Here, you’ll find NYC style pies in a laid back atmosphere. Leo’s Pizza has been a KCMO staple since 1974, serving up family style pizza crafted with love. There’s also PizzaBella, a gourmet eatery with thin crusts and locally sourced toppings.

Johnny Jo’s Pizzeria is a tiny hole-in-the-wall serving up stone-oven pies for brunch and lunch—hurry, because when the pies are gone, so are they! Ask your front desk staff for their favorites. You won’t get the same answer twice!