Pedal to the Metal

Every day, except Tuesday, through August 29, the Pedal to the Metal: Pedal Cars and American Car Culture exhibit takes place from 10am to 4pm. Located at the National Museum of Toys and Miniatures in the Country Club Plaza area, you can experience America’s obsession with the car for yourself—in both big and miniature forms! How about the Garton Kiddilac, or the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile for starters?


It’s the perfect outing for families and car lovers alike. This special exhibit is only available for a few weeks and is easily accessible from your KCMO hotel. Self-guided tours are offered, as well as docents on hand to share tidbits and facts about the history of America’s love affair with the car.

Museum Hopping

While in Kansas City, there are so many museums to choose from it can be tough to know where to start! Special exhibitions are a fantastic solution, since you know this might be a once in a lifetime opportunity while traveling! Zoom into the summer season by finding out how suburban and city dwellers rolled in style for the past century.

While at the museum, also check out the Stereotypes to Civil Rights: Black Paper Dolls in America exhibit, only available until August 21. Arabella Grayson’s private collection features over 150 years of cultural images in paper doll form, such as Aunt Jemima and Little Black Sambo.