Oolapalooza, the Young Living Experience


On February 3 – 4, join the Oolapalooza event where you’re encouraged to “unlock your best self.” Young Living’s two-day event gives attendees everything they need to nurture the “7 F’s of Oola” in your own life, leading to a less stressful experience and more happiness. The warm, sit-down environment gives you the chance to goal-set with Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl. Learn about the Infused oil line and how it can help you unlock dreams and discover your purpose.

Both days feature events from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., with an hour-long break where you can experience some of the local food carts and restaurants of the city. Purchase a VIP pass, and you’ll get a private session with the doctors to discuss your plans during a relaxing dinner.

Planning Your Event

Before attending, you’re encouraged to carefully pre-prepare your goal-planning sessions for the most beneficial experience. The transformational events regularly sell out as attendees from around the world flock to meet the OolaSeeker and OolaGuru. Planning your dreams with the incorporation of essential oils leads to an olfactory system experience tapping five senses to help you find success.

Las Vegas’ experience sold out in mere hours, so you’ll want to book your tickets early. Find out more at the website, and experience a-one-of-a-kind event in KCMO.