Lakeside Nature Center


Just southwest of downtown is a welcoming retreat and conservatory where visitors can get up close and personal with some very intriguing guests. Open Tuesday – Sunday, it’s part animal hospital, part educational center and the perfect destination for your KCMO visit. Special events such as Breakfast with the Beasts, where kids get their photos snapped with squirrels before making a craft project, or workshops on What to Do For Injured Animals help visitors live in harmony with the animals around us.

You can check out who’s been “admitted” on the official website, or simply swing by and see for yourself. It’s located on Swope Park, the 1,800 acres that houses Starlight Theatre, Kansas City Zoo, Swope Park Pool and much more. This location is also a perfect place to take in the autumn colors.

Visitor Hours

You never know who might be available for a meet and greet. From birds of prey to the famous Wilma the ornate turtle box (by far the oldest resident on site!), Lakeside Nature Center is the ultimate destination for animal lovers.

Learn to identify local wildflowers, and see “What’s Blooming” in real-time on the site before arriving. Extended stay guests in KCMO can even volunteer and develop long-term bonds with staff, fellow volunteers and of course the animals.