Korean BBQ for a Twist


Everybody knows Kansas City is famous for BBQ, but there’s more than one kind of way to ‘que. Korean tabletop BBQ dining with endless sides, like the famous kimchi and addictive bean paste, is a different way to warm up during the cool autumn months while still indulging in one of KCMO’s favorite pastimes.

Try Chosun Korean BBQ for traditional marinated meats, sides and of course plenty of soju. From the spicy bulgogi to the kalbi, seafood pancakes as a starter and the crunch of the spicy radishes for a little bite on the side, this laidback family operation brings the flavors of Seoul to KCMO.

Get Grilled

Traditionally, Korean BBQ is grilled directly on the table while guests cut customized pork, chicken, beef and seafood strips as they like. Adding garlic and even kimchi to the grill is a means of enhancing flavor. Head to Korean Restaurant Sobahn for an authentic dining experience. It’s capped with fresh, chilled fruit for dessert.

At Kokoro Maki House, Korean and Japanese cuisines share the starring role. You’ll find traditional dishes from both countries, whether you’re craving the comfort of bibimbap or a delicious sushi roll.

Where are your East Asian cravings taking you?