KCMO Food Trucks

There are full-fledged food truck vacations, and if that strikes your fancy then KCMO is the place to be! A foodie paradise, one of the most popular is Mai’s Noodle Express. The massive orange truck offers fried rice, chicken wings stuffed with goodies, stir fried yakisoba noodles and egg rolls. Classic teriyaki chicken and constantly innovative specials are what have locals and tourists alike hungry for Mai’s.


CoffeeCake KC satisfies sweet teeth with their “3 women and an oven” approach to gourmet cookies and cupcakes. Of course, their coffeecake is what made them famous, and it pairs perfectly with their smoothies, full coffee bar and endless tea options. You can even get a Kinky Katie, which is chai and a double shot espresso over ice.

Serious Meals on Wheels

No food truck experience is complete without some barbecue, and Jazzy B’s BBQ has you covered (sometimes literally in their famous sauce) with soul to Cajun options, like their BBQ Brisket Tacos and smoke fried chicken.

The Waffler is your go-to breakfast, brunch and lunch choice with all organic and local ingredients. Although traditional and simple in their approach, there’s nothing basic about their flavors! If it’s breakfast comfort you’re craving, The Waffler has your back.