Kansas City Haunted Houses

Kansas City Haunted HousesHalloween is not far away and to get into the spirit and have a little fun doing it, check out Kansas City’s haunted houses. With some of the best haunted houses around, you are sure to get a good fright.

Deemed as the scariest haunted houses in America, Kansas City is hosts to some of the best and top of the chart haunted houses you can find. Long known as the capital of haunted houses, Kansas City had 13 plus back in the 1980’s. Visited by Travel Channel, the West Bottoms received rankings of epic proportions.

The Beast, Chambers of Edgar Allan Poe, Macabre Cinema and the Edge of Hell are all hailed as the best of the best, all coming in among America’s top ten scariest haunted attractions. Edge of Hell and The Beast both tied for 7thplace nationally.

Each house is located in a large multi-story commercial buildings built around 1900 all featuring something unique. Chambers of Poe focuses on paranormal activity. Edge of Hell, complete with a 4 story slide, is the oldest running commercial haunted house and has its focus on phobias. It is also home to the record breaking reticulated python that is over 25 feet long and over 300 pounds. The Beast is the first haunted attraction to utilize the open format and features a live alligator. Last but not least, Macabre Cinema is staged as a haunted movie theatre from the 1930’s with actual horror movie sets and props.

If that isn’t enough fright for you, the Ghosts & Gangsters Tour takes you to historic Kansas City sites with an enormous amount of paranormal activity.  For all the information you could need, tickets and so much more, visit the KC West Bottoms website.