Kansas City Country Club Plaza Lighting Ceremony

The Country Club Plaza Lighting Ceremony

There are many attractions to find in the booming metropolis of Kansas City. However, during the holiday season, there are few attractions as festive as The Country Club Plaza Lighting Ceremony. Held on Thanksgiving night on November the 24 every year, the Country Club Plaza Lighting Ceremony has drawn the attention of many various celebrity hosts and guests to see the spectacular lights that adorn the shops and buildings of the Plaza in Kansas City. The Ceremony is more than just plugging in a few light strands and making the Square look a little bit more festive. The Ceremony features a wide assortment of attractions and activities that take place during the course of the night.

Kansas_City_Country_Club_PlazeStarting at 5:15pm on Thanksgiving Day, the Ceremony kicks off with the pre-show performances. Often musical guests or other various artists who entertain the gathering guest in anticipation for the grand lighting Ceremony later on in the evening. During the pre-show performances, guests can enjoy shopping and dining all along the Plaza right up until the monumental moment. You will find local musicians, vocalists and dancers dot the stages to bring a jovial feel to the evening. At 6pm, the Master of Ceremonies appears to prepare visitors for the lighting ceremony which takes place at the end of the hour when the skies are pitch black. The flipping of the switch is often done by a celebrity or special guest of the festivities and is spectacular.

Sponsored by KCP&L, the entire event is an activity that anyone living or visiting in Kansas City would be remiss to overlook. Not only is it a night of holiday cheer, but it is also a historic moment that many residents of the area look forward to every year.

If you want to catch a ride to the festivities on the Plaza, you can catch one of the many shuttles that travel to the ceremony as a guest of the comfortable and affordable Best Western PLUS Seville Plaza Hotel. You will not want to miss out on the activities and shopping to be had during one of the most auspicious occasions in Kansas City during the holidays.