Kansas City Coffee Shops

Kansas City coffee shopsEveryone needs a quick pick-me-up or their caffeine fix for the day. It may be first thing in the morning or it may be a mid afternoon treat, either way we have a few of our favorite coffee shops around town for you to try out. With a number of Kansas City coffee shops to choose from, you really can’t go wrong but these are just a few that rate high among locals meaning, the are good!

Hi Hat Coffee: The perfect spot to feel like a local. Full of dog walkers, newspaper readers and regulars, you will enjoy the cozy feel.

The Filling Station: A great atmosphere, delicious bakery items and a fresh juice bar for those who aren’t coffee drinkers.

Second Best Coffee: It is the hippest place in town to grab a cup of Joe. The decor is unique and just being in this place makes you feel part of the cool crowd.

Quay Coffee: A popular hot spot that has lots of natural light and seating. Enjoy reading while enjoying a cup of deliciousness.

Oddly Correct: Serving, what most would consider, the best coffee in town. This is the most authentic coffee experience in Kansas City.