Irish Drinking Holes


KCMO is home to an impressive number of Irish pubs, each serving specials and parties until the wee hours for St. Patrick’s Day. Check out The Dubliner at 170 East 14th St. Known for live entertainment on most weekends, a warm ambiance, friendly staff and strong drinks, it’s a local favorite. Here, you’ll want to try the pub chips with a spicy Guinness sauce.

O’Dowd’s is covered in rich wood and is famous for their pints. You’ll find it at 4742 Pennsylvania Ave. Dancing, including clogging, is a common occurrence, particularly after happy hour. A number of O’Dowds’ details are imported from Ireland, so spend some time checking out the décor. (You can try to get those Irish recipes out of the waitstaff, but that’s a challenge that’s never been achieved.)

Irish I Were Pub-Bound

Head to nearby Raytown for The Irish Pub House at 6332 Raytown Rd. The happy hour specials can’t be beat, and the pub is full of bar games. Irish egg rolls (a shepherd’s pie wrapped in an egg roll) is a quirky dish that’s highly addictive. You can also customize a pizza to take back to your KCMO hotel.

At Gilhouly’s, located at 1721 West 39th St., the local dive bar is known for good music, plenty of billiard tables, and bottomless buttery popcorn to go with your pint of Guinness or Jameson on the rocks.

Which afterparty will you check out first?