International Cuisine: South America

Venture into the spicy Spanish-influenced cuisine of South America at these hot K.C. restaurants!

International Cuisine: South America

Brazil: Em Chamas

This Brazilian grill brings traditional churrasco tableside for you.  Choose various cuts of meat from the large knives toted by servers and enjoy the flavors of the different rubs and marinades used.  You’ll also have a chance to visit their Gourmet bar, featuring a wide variety of different traditional sides and salads to balance the heartiness of the meat.

Argentina: Piropos

If you can arrange it, hit one of Piropos’ wine dinners, where you’ll enjoy an authentic 5 course meal, with an Argentinian wine carefully selected for each course.  Regardless, you’re sure to find some delicious choices on their seafood-heavy menu, like blackened halibut or crab cakes with a cilantro aioli.

Peru: Antojitos Del Peru

This restaurant is a bit outside of Kansas City, but it’s well worth the drive.  Try some delicious empanadas, ceviche, and seafood-potato stew, as well as other classic Peruvian recipes.

Venezuela: El Puente

One of the best known Venezuelan dishes is arepas, and you’ll find them available with a variety of fillings at El Puente.  Beyond that, try fried plantains, grilled tilapia, and a papaya milkshake for dessert!

Explore the variety of South American cuisine while you visit Kansas City!