International Cuisine: Europe

This month, visit Europe by way of these hot restaurants!

International Cuisine: Europe

Austria: Grunauer

This Viennese restaurant is a taste of Austria in the heart of Kansas City.  Their jagerschnitzel is topped with a rich and creamy sauce and served over egg noodles, or you can try gulasch, with a spicy red sauce and tender beef.  This isn’t a light meal, but it certainly is a delicious one.

Italy: Trezo Mare

Everyone loves Italian food, but the food at Trezo Mare is on a new level.  The basil pesto cream sauce that coats their fusili is bright and rich, and will make your tastebuds sing.  If you want a lighter option, try the chicken piccata, made with fresh lemon and capers.  Pair it with a prosecco and whatever their dessert special is.

Spain: Trago

Tapas is a great way to try a variety of dishes, which is something you’ll have the option to do at Trago.  Try their shrimp ceviche with a sweet mango pico de gallo, and an order of risotto balls, served with a bright cilantro cream sauce.  You may also want to consider ordering a variety of their tacos.

France: Le Fou Frog

Le Fou Frog serves up delicious French recipes in an intimate cafe setting.  Their lobster bisque is bursting with flavor, particularly from the cognac infused throughout.  After, you can dig into their stuffed sea bass, overflowing with crabmeat and goat cheese, or a tender wagyu filet topped with foie gras.

Germany: Affare

For an upscale German meal, Affare is the place to go.  Try their brat trio, featuring three different German sausages, served with sauerkraut and mustard, or pheasant with truffle and a rich demi glace.   To finish, order a plate of their beautiful Black Forest cake with fresh cherries and plenty of chocolate.

Greece: Tazzo’s

There are so many amazing dishes on Tazzo’s menu that you’ll have a very hard time deciding what to order.  Their spanakopita is a delicious classic, and you can’t go wrong with their dolmathes.  The grape leaves are stuffed with seasoned ground beef and are made to be dipped in a lemon sauce served alongside.  Finish with traditional baklava, drizzled with sweet honey.

Enjoy exploring European cuisine while you’re in Kansas City!