Indian Picks in KCMO

Kansas City is known for barbeque, but if you’re craving Indian cuisine then only the best stuffed parathas, butter chicken or saag paneer will do. Try Swagat Fine Indian Cuisine and enjoy an upscale environment and elevated dishes like tikka masala with your choice of lamb, chicken, shrimp or fish in the delicious red curry sauce. Swagat is also well-known for their endless lunch buffet.

Seva Cuisine of India is a casual eatery with scratch-made dishes and a lunch buffet. With a generous vegetarian menu featuring spicy dahl lentil dishes, aloo gobi, vegetable korma and rich garlic ghee naan, it’s the perfect destination for those looking for authentic flavors and a warm ambiance.

Curry Your Favor

Chai Sai features both Indian and Pakistani dishes in a contemporary setting. It’s also home to a grocer and tea market, so you can pick up snacks for your guestroom and take advantage of bottomless chai. Beef, chicken and veggie samosas make a delicious fried starter, and the spicy mango makes for the perfect sweet ending.

Moti Mahal has two locations, both famous for their tandoori, clay oven specialties. Seekh kabob with ground meat steeped in spices with cilantro and onion is divine, while the korma sutra mixed grill has a little of everything including marinated fish for diners who want to taste it all. Where will your cravings lead you?