Haunted Houses For Halloween

Visit some of the spookiest haunted houses in Kansas City!

Haunted Houses For Halloween

The Beast

At the Beast, all of your nightmares will come true on four different floors.  From the creatures of a Louisiana swamp, Jack the Ripper, and a haunted castle, to voodoo, alligators, and werewolves, it’s one of the creepiest haunted houses.  But don’t scream or you’ll disturb Medusa!

Edge Of Hell

This house starts in Heaven and by the time you reach hell, you’ll have encountered a rat-man, Medusa, and even the devil himself.  One of the reasons this house is so scary is because it plays on all your fears and ramps them up to extremes.

Mt. Washington Manor

Mt. Washington Manor in Independence takes you through a Masonic mansion, with plenty of monsters and ghouls ready to jump out and scare you.  Explore all ten rooms if you dare!

Macabre Cinema

Explore this haunted theatre over 5 floors, including a dungeon.  Movie villains and murderers will be roaming the building, so you’ll need to try to avoid them, but they won’t hurt you – probably.

Exiled Trail Of Terror

In the woods of Bonner Springs, go on a mile-long hike through the forest where you can’t predict what will jump out at you next.  Monsters, creatures, and murderers abound – and that’s not even to mention the fact that the woods really are haunted.  If you can survive, you’ll have a wonderful time!

If you were hoping to get spooked for Halloween, these haunted houses will definitely get the job done!