Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety TipsPlay it safe this weekend and make the most of your holiday. Take a look at our Halloween safety tips below to keep you and your little ones on the safe side while out and about collecting candy.

  • Dark costumes make it hard for drivers to see you at night. If you haven’t yet decided on a costume, consider bright colors. Reflective tape can also add to your costume as well as make you more visible to drivers.
  • It is always safest to travel in groups. Make it a neighborhood get together and round up the neighborhood kids and go door to door together.
  • If you have teenagers who go out with friends, review the route they are taking, the neighborhoods they are visiting and have a set time they are to check in and return home.
  • Remind kids that it is never ok to enter a home or a car for a treat.
  • Avoid walking through alleys, especially alleyways that are not lighted.
  • Always carry a cell phone for emergencies. Flashlights are also good to have. Have one person in your group carry a flashlight and another have their cell phone.
  • Sort and inspect candy before allowing your kids to help themselves. Any candy that is unwrapped, spoiled or suspicious looking should be thrown away.