Go Mexican For Dinner

Sometimes you just need a little heat as the weather gets cooler – try these Mexican restaurants!

Go Mexican For Dinner


Ixtapa makes all of their dishes with fresh, local ingredients to create the best flavors.  Their signature steak Ixtapa is served in a spicy tomatillo sauce with guacomole and pico de gallo, or you may enjoy nopales enchiladas, stuffed with cactus paddles and topped with mole sauce.


If you’re looking for homestyle Tex-Mex food, Abuelo’s is the place to go.  Try the Yucatan barbecue shrimp fajitas, served in a spicy-sweet sauce, or order the stuffed chicken medallions, filled with chorizo and poblano peppers.  For an adult beverage, you’ll love the Sangria Swirl, frozen sangria mixed with tart margarita.

Ponak’s Mexican Kitchen

The menu at Ponak’s is influenced by the Sonoran region of Mexico, meaning traditional dishes and hearty family recipes.  The chicken chimichanga is deep-fried joy with the perfect amount of spice, or you may prefer their chile relleno, stuffed with cheese and battered.  Regardless, get a side order of their pork-stuffed tamales!


Jalapeno’s is a great option for a quick and easy meal that still tastes delicious.  Their chubby burrito is filling and cheesy, whereas the tilapia tacos are a bit lighter but still spicy and great.  Finish with an order of fried ice cream.

Enjoy some tasty and spicy Mexican food while you’re in Kansas City!