Ghost Stories And Urban Legends

Learn about the spooky side of Kansas City!

Ghost Stories And Urban Legends

Gravity Hill

A small spot outside Freeman, MO, if you put your car into neutral on the small, flat section of gravel at the base of the hill, your car is likely to start moving, sometimes picking up speed up to 25 miles per hour, up the hill.  The presence of small handprints on dusty cars lead people to believe a group of children who died when their schoolbus was hit by a train haunt the hill and push the cars up the hill, but no one has been able to prove it.

Body In The Mattress

Everyone’s heard the scary story of the couple who stays in a motel (where that motel is changes based on where you are at the time of the story), and their room has a distinct bad odor, which laters leads to the discovery of a dead body hidden in the mattress – the discovery most commonly being made after the couple has slept on that bed for at least one night.  Well, it’s not just a story.  In 2003, in Kansas City, at the Capri Motel, a body was actually found in the mattress, three days after the victim had stayed in the hotel.

The Kansas City Massacre

In 1933, at the height of mob activity in K.C., federal agents attempted to transport their mafia-connected prisoner, Frank Nash, to Leavenworth, while at the same time, the mafia attempted to free their cohort.  A shooting ensued, resulting in 7 dead – six officers, and Frank Nash.  Nash, however, opted not to move on, instead haunting Union Station by appearing in front of passengers, wandering the halls with a tell-tale click of his shoes, and generally spooking the unsuspecting.

Enjoy the darker side of Kansas City while you’re in town this Halloween!