Get Your Chocolate Fix


The holidays and chocolate are a perfect pairing. Pick up a treat for yourself or as a gift at one of KCMO’s best chocolatiers, like Panache Chocolatier and Café. From the coconut macaroons with dark chocolate drizzle to the chocolate malt shakes, chocolate-covered strawberries and hand-crafted truffles, this luxury chocolatier has everything you need for a sweet holiday.

Christopher Elbow Chocolates is known for their high-end chocolates with quirky designs. The gourmet hot chocolate and espresso pairs well with their artisanal chocolate. You’ll always find new, unusual flavors and works of art topping their truffles. Try the spicy caramels in this boutique that looks like a jewelry store made of sweets. Create your own four-piece chocolate work of art and bring a taste of KCMO home with you.

Sweet Dreams

Andre Confiserie Suisse is a bakery, coffee shop, café and chocolatier with endless mouthwatering delights to try. The tea room is a real treasure, and whether you prefer milk or dark chocolate there are options for all. Have a taste of one of their chocolate-covered nut creations, or their chocolate champagne bottles to ring in the New Year.

Annedore’s Fine Chocolates is known for traditional chocolates, wide selection and amazing tastes. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The Aztec chocolates have earned a cult following, and are a must if you like your sweet with a touch of spice.

Try all four chocolatiers and decide for yourself who has the best chocolate in KCMO.