Food Network Approved!

Kansas City is certainly a foodie city, and there’s no better proof than the sheer number of restaurants in town that have been featured on the Food Network!

Food Network Approved

Happy Gillis

This sandwich shop was featured on the premiere episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Season 10 and during the episode, Guy Fieri fell in love with their flank steak sandwich.  The meat is soaked in a marinade of red wine and soda, infusing sweet and peppery flavors into every bite.  Other great options include their pollo verde, where chicken is topped with a smoked cream sauce and a roasted salsa, creating an explosion of flavors.

Tasso’s Greek Restaurant

This restaurant was featured on The Craziest Restaurants In America for its authentic and over-the-top Greek vibe.  Everyone who comes in is immediately absorbed into the Greek family, so don’t plan on being a wallflower.  You even have the chance to break a few plates!  Their mousaka is amazing, and you can’t go wrong if you finish your meal with some sweet baklava!

Gram and Dun

The Grill Dads brought national attention to Gram and Dun, when they tried the baked potato gnocchi, a new Missouri twist on an Italian classic.  If you’re not a gnocchi fan, try their burnt end macaroni and cheese, or their pork steak, topped with a delicious, crisp apple chutney.

Kansas City Taco Company

Another restaurant that appeared on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, KC Taco Company offers Midwestern takes on Mexican dishes.  The cowboy junkie burrito made Guy Fieri’s dreams come true, as it contains everything you could imagine – pork, chorizo, beans, queso, and more.  It’s over the top in all the best ways!

Eat at Food Network’s favorites while you’re in Kansas City!