Final Four Watching Hot Spots

March Madness has made its way to the Final Four tournament. As we draw near to the end, cheering on your team has never been more crucial. If you are looking for a spot to find fellow fans and relax while having a cold one, we have just the place for you.

Final FourDave and Buster’s is a classic fan favorite. With great food, cold beer, plenty of large TV’s and games for halftime, this is the spot to be. Located at the Legends at Village West, it is easy to spot just below the huge smoke stack. Skeeball, golden tee and NASCAR? They have it all!

Chappell’s isn’t just any sports bar, it is a bonafied museum enshrined in a restaurant. The sports nut’s haven will walls covered in sports memorabilia and TV’s for all to see, you can’t help but enjoy watching your favorite game here!

Tanner’s Bar and Grill is next on our list of hot spots to watch your game. Tanner’s is what you would expect a great sports bar to be – great food, lots of beer and a plethora of TV’s. Oh, and a place where you can add Rotel to your tater tots… what’s not to love!?

Last but definitly not least, Coach’s Bar and Grill. This neighborhood sports bar is the perfect place to kick back with your friends as you cheer on your team. Who doesn’t love a 50 inch plasma when it comes to sports? Long considered the first and foremost sports bar in KC, this place makes you feel like you are a part of the team.