Your El Salvadorian Cuisine Options


KCMO is famous for BBQ and southwestern flavors, but there are two delectable choices if you want something a little different. Salvadorian cuisine is fresh, spicy and deliciously homemade. In Kansas City, you have two options: El Salvadoreño and Restaurante Salvadoreno El Pulgarcito.

El Salvadoreño features home cooking and is especially well known for crispy, flaky yet gooey pupusas. Open for breakfast through late night, it’s the perfect hot spot for any of your cravings. On the lunch and dinner menu, you’ll find sopas, seafood, and a selection of beef, chicken and pork entrees.

The Spice of KCMO

Salvadoreno El Pulgarcito is where you’ll find shredded pork, bean and cheese, or “just cheese” pupusas that are quickly addictive. Their unique combos include squash and cheese, jalapeño and cheese, and shrimp and cheese. Try the cow hoof soup for something different, or stick to classics like beef and chicken.

Breakfast features yucca fried or boiled with pork, cabbage and tomato along with bread stuffed with eggs, beans and cream cheese. If you’re looking for something innovative and mouthwatering, these two restaurants have you covered.