DYI Halloween Costumes

DIY Halloween CostumesWe have all things Halloween for you this holiday. Check out some of our favorite DIY Halloween Costumes.

–          Bubblebath: Have little ones and don’t know quite what to do with them? Dress them in white or light blue and put them in a wagon. Now all you need is clear and/or white balloons partially blown up. Attach balloons all over your kids and the wagon, hand them a rubber ducky and you are done. Want to go the extra mile? Get a clear plastic shower cap and glue or tape a few balloons on top.

–          Bag of Jelly Beans: All you need is a clear trash bag, colorful balloons and ribbon. Cut two holes in the bottom of the trash bag for your legs, one hole on each side of the trash bag for your arms. Fill the bag up with partially inflated balloons and tie closed with a ribbon around your neck. Go all the way and add a nutrition label on the back.

–          Lumberjack: Simple and easy and most of this can be found in your closet or at your closest thrift store. What you need: jeans, boots, flannel shirt, beanie and suspenders. Don’t shave for a few days and you will be the real deal.

–          Error Code: This is for those of you who want a non-costume costume. Take a white shirt or sweat shirt and in magic marker write: “Error 404: Costume Not Found”. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

–          Bee Keeper: Throw on a pair of white pants, white shirt and boots. Grab a pair of gloves and a wide brimmed hat. Buy some netting at your closest Walmart, Target or craft store and attach to the edge of the hat’s brim.