Connecting Chaos


Who knew chaos could be so much fun? Occurring Tuesday through Sunday until September 11 at the Country Club Plaza Area of the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, this exhibition presents the best of Frank Stella’s permanent collection, which was inspired by Moby Dick. It features incredible methods for linking imagery in mixed media with sheer chaos. Spanning a full decade of work, these abstract pieces include paintings, reliefs, prints, and sculptures.


Don’t miss out on Stella’s epic photography, especially the smoke pieces which have achieved a unique linear effect thanks to multiple scannings. The works are truly riotous, stirring up strong feelings in viewers. You’ve never seen his signature work like this, and never will again in such a compelling exhibit.

Prowl Around

Of course, once you’re at the museum you have to make the most of it. However, Stella’s full exhibit does take at least one day to enjoy and digest. Many viewers come back for seconds.

Stella succeeded at all techniques he indulged in, from engraving to screen printing and lithography. See a real master’s work at this comprehensive exhibit that includes The Great Heidelburgh Tun and Ahab, amongst many others. It’s a true whale of a tale, as only the art world can manage!