Coming Up: Independence Uncorked Wine Festival

Enjoy one of Missouri’s largest wine festivals in nearby Independence!

Coming Up: Independence Uncorked

Independence Uncorked is happening on September 14th, from 1 to 6 PM, and with over 25 local wineries participating, as well as artists, local musicians, and various restaurants, it’s sure to be a good time!  Admission costs only $30, and you’ll go home with a great memory, a wine glass, and a gorgeous wine bag to protect all the bottles you’re going to want to buy.  Proceeds from the wine festival go to support the Restoration House of Greater Kansas City, a wonderful organization that works to fight human trafficking.

Sample wine blends from Edg-Clif, Casa de Loco, and Endless Summer, as well as Adam Puchta Winery, the oldest family-owned winery in the country.  You’ll have the chance to also talk to the winemakers and learn more about the process that goes into the bottle, like how grapes are grown and fermented.  You can also sample beverages from local breweries and distilleries, like Evansfield Distillery, a newcomer to the area.  In between drinks, enjoy food from local restaurants and food trucks like a delicious pizza from KC Fooditude, or amazing all-natural cookies from Yummylicious.

When you want to move beyond grapes, shop at the booths set up by local artisans, where you’ll be able to view artwork, jewelry, and pottery that’s completely unique.  Enjoy music from artists Brad Allen and Ivory Blue, or take a wine or beer tasting class so that you better understand what you’re drinking.  You can even learn to salsa dance!

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It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our little guy, Willie. Willie had been staying at the home of Amy & Todd Caviness, and over the past weeks, they noticed that his health had been worsening. He was having more trouble walking, and spent most of the day laying down and whimpering. Fortunately, he rallied for a bit, and had "a good last week", hanging out with his buddy Peanut, and even visiting Shep's Place on Saturday. Last night, though, his breathing became labored, and he began wheezing and gasping for air. Amy took him to the vet today, where they did a chest X-Ray. The vet said he had chronic lung disease; nothing specific, just "old man lungs" that were not going to improve. He was suffering, and was not going to recover, so we decided the loving thing to do was to release him. Saying goodbye to a dog friend is hard. That's okay. In fact, it's how it should be. It would be infinitely sadder for a dog to pass without having someone to mourn them. We have to remind ourselves, though, that we don't do this for us. We do it for the dogs. We know we're going to lose dogs, that's a given with seniors. Our role is to make their remaining time as comfortable and loving as possible, for however long that may be. Willie was not with us long, but he was well loved and cared for during that time, especially by his foster parents, the Cavinesses. We will miss him, and remember him always.

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If the philanthropic spirit moves you, two other non-profit organizations will be set up, talking about their missions: Shelter Box, who is currently focused on providing relief to those communities affected by Hurricane Dorian, and Shep’s Place, a sanctuary for senior dogs who need a safe place and love.

Don’t miss Independence Uncorked this weekend at the Bingham-Waggoner Estate in Independence!