Coming Up: Heart Of America Shakespeare Festival

Starting tomorrow and running into July is Kansas City’s Heart of America Shakespeare Festival, featuring the Shakespearian drama troupe doing performances dedicated to the legacy of William Shakespeare!

Coming Up: Heart Of America Shakespeare Festival

The Play

Every year a different theme is chosen, with 2019’s being Shakespeare in Love.  The play covers a young woman who dreams of acting in a time when women were banned from the stage.  Rather than abide by society’s standards, the heroine disguises herself as a man, and auditions for one of Shakespeare’s plays.  The playwright quickly sees through her disguise and they begin a love affair, despite Shakespeare’s marriage.

It’s a thrilling tale, and you will have an opportunity to see it every evening at Southmoreland Park, along with parodies of Shakespeare’s works.

The Food

No one wants to see a play when they’re hungry, but the festival has that covered.  Roots will be serving an English-themed menu at the festival, with items such as Cornish pastries or grilled quail available.  Embrace The Grape is supplying beverages, including beer and wine, while Butterfluff Kettle Corn and Tropical Sno Snocones are available for delicious snacks, if you get hungry during intermission.

If none of these seem appetizing to you, you also have the option to bring a picnic to enjoy.

Connecting With Shakespeare

The Heart of America Shakespeare Festival wants everyone to be able to appreciate the Bard.  With that goal in mind, they offer a summer camp so kids and teens can learn Shakespeare’s works in a fun and age-appropriate way, using music, games and more.  Additionally, Shakespeare’s Heartbeat is a program for children on the autism spectrum, using iambic pentameter to encourage socialization and expression.

Even adults can develop their love of Shakespeare with workshops held by actors discussing his writing and stories.

The Bard is timeless, but the Festival isn’t, so make sure you don’t miss it while you’re in Kansas City.