Coming Up: Festa Italiana

This weekend  is the biggest Italian event in Kansas City – Festa Italiana is at Zona Rosa Town Square!

Coming Up - Festa Italiana

For three days starting May 31st, UNICO will be hosting Festa Italiana to celebrate Italian heritage and culture.  If you’re not Italian, don’t worry – you can still come and indulge in great food, great entertainment, and great people.


Everyone loves Italian food.  Go to the festival hungry and let them feed you!  You’ll find calzones, pizza, pasta, pastries, salads, panini, and more, all made with classic Italian flavors.  You may have to strategize to hit every food vendor, but it will be well worth it.


When people think Italian drinks, they think of wine, and you will certainly find wine at Festa Italiana.  Red, white, rose, or sparkling, wine is everywhere.  However, you will also come across the Beer Garden and that is worth stopping at for a break.  You’ll be doing a lot of walking, and beer is very popular and very good in Italy!


There is always a lot going on at Festa Italiana.  The Motorsports demonstration, a meatball eating contest, live music, traditional Italian dances, and shopping – you’ll never be bored.  You may even see some soccer games break out.

It’s a day full of fun and culture, with all proceeds going to the UNICO Scholarship Fund, so enjoy the Italian side of Kansas City!