Best Places To Participate In NaNoWriMo

National Novel Writing Month is around the corner, so we found the best places to write in Kansas City!

Best Places For NaNoWriMo

Whether you’re trying to write the Great American Novel or just get a bit of work done remotely, head to one of these places around the city!

Quay Coffee

Quay is an adorable coffee shop where you can set up your laptop at one of the tabbles, enjoy a cup of coffee, and people-watch while you procrastinate putting words on the page.  Try a macchiato for the perfect blend of espresso and cream, or the honey latte for a drink that’s rich and perfectly sweet.  Their cinnamon rolls are top-notch if you’re in need of sustenance.

Cinder Block Brewery

Breweries are great places to write, with the constant flow of people to inspire your characters, and the ability to indulge in a brew when it all goes wrong in your book.  Cinder Block is a local favorite, with both beer and cider options, and on Saturdays, food trucks set up outside to keep your body fed.  The space is cozy enough to be relaxing, and friendly enough that no one will question you hanging around for a few hours.

Best Western Business Center

You don’t even have to leave the hotel.  Our business center offers free wi-fi, computer access, and printers, so you can print off your work for editing.  If you’re squeezing in a bit of remote work, the fax machines allow you to communicate with the office, as well.

Tannin Wine Bar

If you’re not a beef fan, try this wine bar.  You can sample delicious wines while making use of their free wi-fi, and if you get hungry, they have a full kitchen.  The cheese board is perfect for a light snack, or if you need something sweet to help you through writers’ block, try their fudge-stuffed peanut butter cookie, topped with banana ice cream and bacon.


If you need a more formal environment, try a coworking space like PlexPod.  You can rent a desk or an entire office, and with coffee, a printer, and wi-fi, you’re sure to have everything you need.  There’s even games on site for a quick break!

Kansas City Public Library

Libraries are so underappreciated, but they’re amazing.  You can write, do research, and possibly even join a write-in with the regional NaNoWriMo group.  The Kansas City Public Library is in an old bank, with the option to watch movies in the vault!  It also features a cafe with food and coffee, so it’s completely possible to spend a whole day there!


This arcade bar is a favorite local hang-out, and it’s certainly a fun place to settle in.  You can play games to get your brain moving – they have arcade, video, and classic games – or just sit back and be inspired.  If you get hungry, try the macaroni and cheese pizza – it’s absolutely indulgent!

Don’t let travel prevent you from winning NaNoWriMo – be inspired by the beauty and history of Kansas City!