Best Places To Get Your Caffeine Fix

Enjoy your morning coffee at one of Kansas City’s great local coffee spots!

Best Places To Get Your Caffeine Fix

Messenger Coffee Co.

This three-level coffee shop has plenty of space for you to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.  Get social on the ground floor, enjoy a good book in the quiet of the room on the second floor, or indulge in fresh air and a gorgeous view of the city from the roof.  Their cappuccinos are the perfect espresso-to-milk ratio, and you can pair it with a piece of their amazing cinnamon coffee cake.


Oddly Correct

Oddly Correct roasts their own coffee beans, and in doing so, focuses on bringing out extremely nuanced flavors in their drinks.  If you consider yourself a bit of a coffee connoisseur, you’ll appreciate how complex the brew is here, and how they make a cup of joe into an entire experience.  While they do offer a couple of flavored coffee drinks – like an amazing Bourbon Vanilla Latte – those are carefully developed, as the coffee is delicious enough on its own.


Crows Coffee

Crows is designed to be an escape from stress, and the cafe has been so successful, two more locations have opened up.  Sticking to traditional forms of coffee, they excel in their niche, and seasonally, a few fancier options will be offered.  In addition, if you missed breakfast, you can get a really delicious breakfast burrito!


City Market Coffee

Small and in a prime location, City Market knows there’s no need to fix something that isn’t broken.  They have great coffee, in the purest sense, and balance it out with other options, including smoothies, fresh juice, pastries, and sandwiches.  They also feature, for when you’re feeling a bit fancy, a chocolate coffee milkshake that is energizing and indulgent!


Start your mornings right with coffee from one of the best cafes in town!