Best Bets for Ice Cream in Kansas City

Even though the first official day of summer is a few days away, the warmer temperatures are already here to stay. With the thermostat continually on the rise, you, like many other individuals living in Kansas City, are looking for ways to alleviate the heat, without cranking the air conditioning and incurring excessively high electric bills. Water games and ice cold refreshments are fantastic ways to cool down, yet possibly the most delicious option of them all is ice cream. Sometimes nothing beats a cone the way you like it, whether it is multiple scoops, sprinkles on top, and any number of flavors, it is possible to personalize your cone to fit your taste. And, with several exceptional ice cream shops in the area, when wondering about Kansas City things to do, these ice cream shops need to be at the top.

Glace Ice Cream

Soft serve ice cream shops are a dime a dozen, so look out for something a bit different when your taste buds scream out for this milky treat. Glace Ice Cream is an artisan ice cream shop, with dozens of flavors created on site, for maximum taste. Soft serve ice cream is often just a means to an end, with disappointing texture and a consistency that generally leaves your mouth desiring something more. Glace Ice Cream not only serves up delicious alternatives to soft serve, but with the different flavors, there is always something new to try. It has the genera vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and fresh mint chip, but on top of this, the artisan ice cream shop sells unusual flavors such as Butterscotch Bourbon, Coconut Sorbet, Goat Cheese and WildFlower Honey and Venezuelan Spiced Chocolate. These are just a few of the incredible options you have when you enter the ice cream shop. So, when looking for Kansas City things to do, make sure you are ready for a flavor treat for your mouth, because Glace Ice Cream is sure to deliver.

Murray’s Ice Creams and Cookies

Another ice cream shop that produces the ice cream itself, Murray’s Ice Creams and Cooks is a great little facility that offers you incredible flavor and delicious options. Although it doesn’t have the interesting selection of Glace Ice Cream, the scoops you receive are full of substance, texture and flavor. These scoops give you everything you possibly desire when it comes to ice cream, plus Murray’s has an extended desert selection, so if you want a nice chocolate chip cookie along with your frozen treat, this is the perfect location to head to. Of course, when the heat reaches record highs outside, you can consume your ice cream inside, alleviating yourself form some of the temperatures of summer, at least for a little while. So, when searching for Kansas City things to do, make sure to keep Murray’s Ice Creams and Cookies on the list.

Belfonte Dairy

Belfonte has been serving the Kansas City community for over 35 years now, and the brand has grown from just a dairy shop to now provide options at your local grocery store. So if you can’t make it out to the actual Belfonte Dairy facility for a scoop of ice cream, all you have to do is visit any local grocery store and pick up a carton. Belfonte has its own wide selection of ice creams for any taste bud. So whether you are a fan of the Bear Claw or Brownie Fudge Nut, there is a delicious option for you. And as it is sold throughout most of the city, you can enjoy Belfonte at home whenever you want.