August At The Zoo

It’s an exciting month at the Kansas City Zoo!

August At The Zoo

Check out the different events they’re hosting and make plans to attend while you’re in town!

Cheetah Enrichment

Happening the first and third weekends of August, you can see how cheetahs play and stay engaged at the zoo.  Enrichment is absolutely crucial to zoo animals – since they aren’t in their natural habitat, if they don’t have fun activities to do, they can become depressed, suffer health issues, and act more violently.  The games and activities can involve “hunting” a lure, new toys, or interesting treats.  It’s interesting to see and the big cats’ joy will rub off on you as well!

Art For Animals

You may not be an artist, but some of the animals are!  On August 3rd, watch as elephants and an orangutan paint pictures of whatever they so choose – the final pieces may be a bit abstract, but they’re still beautiful!  If their skill inspires you, join the painting class being hosted by Pinot’s Palette – it starts at 2:30 PM.

World Elephant Day

August 10th is World Elephant Day, so celebrate by admiring these beautiful creatures and learning more about the conservation issues they face.  Zookeepers will be available, sharing information and answering questions, there will be numerous elephant-related activities, including a trivia game, and you’ll have the opportunity to get to know the seven elephants who reside at the Kansas City Zoo.

Melon Summer Smash

Have you ever seen a hippo eat a watermelon?  On August 17th and 18th, several zoo animals (the ones who can safely participate) will be getting melons to eat, play with, and smash!  It’s a funny, messy day and in all honesty, when else will you have the chance to see elephants stomping cantaloupe?

Dog Days Of Summer

August 24th and 25th are great days to learn about some of the dogs at the zoo – the painted dog from Africa and the dingo from Australia.  Watch as the zookeepers do a short training demonstration, give them treats, and provide some fun enrichment activities.  Fear not – there’s activities for you to do as well!

Penguin March

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The weekend of August 24th, meet the penguins!  They will be let out of their enclosure and allowed to wander through Penguin Plaza, where you can see them up close and personal!

Wine Walk For Wildlife

The evening of August 24th (it’s a big day!), taste wine from over 40 varietals of grapes, listen to live music, and see the animals in a relaxed setting.  You can even buy custom wine bottles to take home.  The ticket proceeds and wine sales go to support Kansas City Zoo’s conservation projects, like their efforts to rebuild the Trumpeter Swan population.

The zoo is always fun but August will take it to a whole new level, so don’t miss out while you’re in town!