Arabia Steamboat Museum


What does Kansas City and Arabian steamboats have in common? Much more than you think! In 1856, the Steamboat Arabia sank close to KCMO, full of 200 tons of “mystery cargo.” The treasures were missing for 132 years, finally found in 1988. For researchers and historians, this was a huge treasure hunt success of the Missouri River. Clothes, guns, tools and more were impeccably preserved.

The museum is open daily with the last free tours starting at 3:30 p.m. Enjoy a short film that showcases the excavation, see the best treasures unearthed from the Arabia and you can even watch professionals hard at work in the artifacts lab cleaning up the latest finds. Located at 400 Grand Boulevard near downtown, this is a one of a kind KCMO attraction.

Arabian Adventures

Part time capsule and part museum, the Arabia highlights what life was like in the mid-nineteenth century for frontier Americans. You’ll explore the everyday objects that were essential during life in the 1800s. It’s the biggest collection of pre-civil war items anywhere around the globe. Who knew that when the Arabia was battling the Mighty Missouri, destined for shops, getting snagged by a tree and sinking would eventually lead to one of the most fascinating museums in Missouri?

Explore the Atrium, learn more about preservation in the Classroom or head to the Treasures gallery, Cargo gallery, Fabric and Shoe Display, Hardware showcase or Theater. The Lab and Deck are also available, and at the General Store you’ll get a chance to pick up unique souvenirs.