6 Food Instagrammers In K.C. To Follow

Kansas City is a foodie town, so if you want to drool over delicious dishes, or get the latest scoop on where to eat, follow these instagrammers!

6 Food Instagrammers In KC To Follow


Run by Steph, this account focuses on the best cheesiness K.C. has to offer.  For full and detailed reviews, visit her blog, but just following her Instagram will give you some great recommendations.


This Instagram account is actually run by an independent restaurant organization, promoting small businesses.  At the same time, the account highlights the best of the best from various restaurants in the area, and the pictures are so mouthwatering, you’re not going to want to miss them.


Kasim is an influencer and marketer, specializing in the food industry, so he is constantly trying out new dishes or new restaurants.  He’s one of the go-to people regarding Kansas City hotspots, so you can absolutely trust his opinion on where you should go for your next meal.  Check out his full blog here.

Don’t underestimate him due to his age – 15 year old Noah Belcher has been a top food reviewer for three years and this kid knows his stuff!  He’s constantly trying out new places and he suggests the best dishes to order as well.  Plus, if you follow his instagram, you’ll get to see all of the cool adventures he gets invited on now!


An editor for the Daily Meal, Benjamin Fuentes spends his days making gin and his nights eating the best K.C. has to offer.  He loves food that seriously packs some flavor, and you’ll notice a lot of the dishes harken back to his Mexican roots, so if you’re looking for some spice, he will be your new favorite Instagrammer.


Run by two friends, Jamie and Britt, the two runners have turned their love of food into an entire career.  Find a new brunch place on their account, as they have a love affair with breakfast foods and coffee, but they do also review other meals – and dessert!  Follow them to find out about cool pop-ups, new openings, and other special events!

Don’t miss out on the best food around while you’re in K.C. – we know you want to see all the sights, but the cuisine is an attraction in itself!