5 Spots to Dance Up a Storm in KC

When you’re out and about in Kansas City, you want to feel like a member of the community. Even if you’re just traveling through or you live in a suburb but work in Kansas City, getting out is important. But where is the Kansas City nightlife? Where is a good spot to come in, grab a drink, hear some good music, and maybe even do a little bit of dancing? Your search could be ongoing but here are 5 great Kansas City nightlife spots for you to take a liking to when you’re hanging around in town.

Denim & Diamonds – Folks have all agreed that there is always a good time happening inside Denim & Diamonds; this place could be the Kansas City nightlife spot you’ve been craving. Denim & Diamonds is a country themed nightclub and has all kinds of things to remind you why Kansas City is at the crossroads of America. Line dancing, a clean and large dance floor, and a bunch of like-minded people who all came out to dance with you.

Funky Town – If you’re looking for something with a little more soul and you’re feeling like getting a little bit groovy, head over to Funky Town. This place has got it all; a cocktail lounge, a totally stocked bar, a very lively and active clientele, and a dance floor spinning out hits like you would not believe. When you’ve added this place to your roster of Kansas City nightlife destinations you will be asking all your friends, “won’t you take me to Funky Town?”

Levee Bar & Grill – Led Zeppelin had a song called “When the Levee Breaks,” but the great thing about Levee Bar & Grill in Kansas City is that they are nowhere near critical mass. In fact Levee Bar & Grill has got a lot of things going for it that only those in the know about the Kansas City nightlife scene could speak about. Levee Bar & Grill’s got great drink specials every night of the week and their amazing dance floor plays host to live music; some of the best live bands who come through the club circuit in Kansas City.

Knuckleheads Saloon – While this Kansas City nightlife spot is indeed a saloon, it has evolved as the need for more spaces to kick off your shoes and dance have been realized. Knucklehead Saloon has a blues festival, plays rock and roll, and is another one of those undiscovered gems for places to come out and dance in Kansas City.

Record Bar – Another place in Kansas City to go out, hear some amazing live music, and party like a rock star is Record Bar. Record Bar isn’t so much a dance floor as a place to rock out and hear some great live  music. Depending on the vibe of the band that’s there that night, more than a few folks open up and get down dancing.

These are just five of the myriad spots in Kansas City to really break out and break it down dancing.